Cellular structure of peridia

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“Under the power of about 90 diameters the general character of the peridia is seen. They are densely aggregated, elongated, submerged, pale-brown, irregularly torn. The sporidia are copius...Nos. 1 and 2, indicate the general points of growth of this fungus. I find frequently on the leaf-ribs and terminal points of the leaves, and very often dispersed over the smooth parts of the leaf; sometimes, although rarely, the peridia are on the upper surface which, when matured, resembles net work. At the juncture of the leaf (see 4) the cells of the peridia are nearly round, at 5, oblong. From 3 to 4 the cellular structure is of light Vandyke brown; at 5, a pale yellow...6 represents the appearance of the peridia as see by the naked eye; 7, their general arrangements and their groupings on the leaves; 8, three cells, showing the parts of which the peridia are composed being magnified about 125 diameters.” -Watts, 1874


Fred'k Watts Report of the Commission of Agriculture for the year 1873 (Washington D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1874) 184


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