Brain of Fetus

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The left cerebral hemisphere, from a fetus in the early part of the seventh month of development. Labels: p.c.s., sulcus praecentralis superior; p.c.i., sulcus praecentralis inferior; r1, lower part of Rolandic fissure; r2, upper part of Rolandic fissure; p1, inferior postcentral sulcus; p3, ramus horizontalis; p4, ramus occipitalis; e.p., external perpendicular fissure; t1, parallel sulcus; S, Sylian fossa; F.P., fronto-parietal wall; F.,frontal wall, O., orbital wall.


Cunningham, D.J. Textbook of Anatomy (New York, NY: William Wood and Co., 1903)


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