Head of a Horse Showing Nerves

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Nerves of the right side of the head- the maxillary ramus and cheek being removed. Labels: a, superior maxillary branch of fifth; a’, spheno-palatine; b, orbital; c, branch of spheno-palatine; d, palatine; e, superior dental; f, staphyline; g, superior maxillary trunk entering infraorbital foramen; g’, superior; g", middle; g"’, inferior nasal nerves; h, inferior maxillary branch of fifth; u, masseter; k, anterior deep temporal; l, pterygoid; m, buccal; n, subzygomatic; o, inferior dental; o’, mental ; p, lingual; p’, its superficial; p", its deep branch.


Horse head, nerve


Vaughn, I. Strangeway's Veterinary Anatomy (Toronto, CAN: J. A. Carveth & Co., Ltd., 1904)


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