Skeleton Head of a Ichthyornis

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“Ichthyornis victor and I. dispar, ...were small forms of about the size of a Partridge, with the habits and appearance, it is presumed, of Terns or Gulls. The head was extremely large in proportion to the remainder of the skeleton; the beak was long and pointed, with entirely separate rami to the mandible; the sharp teeth, fixed regularly in distinct sockets, were inclined backwards, and occupied the whole of the lower and at least the posterior half of the upper jaw; the keel of the sternum was large and broad; the dorsal and cervico-dorsal vertebrae were biconcave. the quadrate articulated to the skull by one knob,... the metatarsus was short and the whole foot small; a furcula was probably present; the wings were well developed, indicating great powers of flight; while the tail was comparatively short, and ended in a pygostyle.” A. H. Evans, 1900


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