Black -poll Warbler

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“Black-poll Warbler or Dendroica striata. Back, rump, tail-coverts grayish-olive, heavily streaked with black; whole crown pure glossy black. Below, pure white; a double series of black streaks starts from the extreme chin, and diverges to pass one on each side to the tail, the streaks being confluent anteriorly, discrete posteriorly. Side of the head above the chain of streaks pure white, including lower eyelid. Wings dusky, the primaries with much greenish edging, the inner secondaries with whitish edging, the greater median coverts tipped with white, forming two crossbars. Tail like the wings, with rather small white spots at the ends of the inner webs of two or three outer feathers. Upper mandible brownish-black; lower mandible with the feet flesh-colored or yellowish.” Elliot Coues, 1884


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Elliot Coues Key to North American Birds (Boston, MA: Estes and Lauriat, 1884)


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