Exotic Sparrow's

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“Exotic Sparrow’s - lowest pair - Passer domesticus (The Sparrow. Philip Sparrow. House Sparrow.) above pair - Passer montanus (Mountain Sparrow). House Sparrow - upper parts ashy-gray; middle of back and scapulars boldly streaked with black and bay. A dark chestnut; median tipped with white, forming a conspicuous wing-bar, bordering which is a black line. Greater coverts and inner quills with central black field bordered with bay. Tail dusky-gray, unmarked. Lower parts ashy, gray or whitish; chin and throat jet black, spreading on the breast and lores, bordered on side of neck with white. Bill blue-black; feet brown. Mountain Sparrow - Somewhat like the last, but smaller and otherwise different. Crown and nape a peculiar purplish-brown. Lores, chin, and throat-patch narrow and short, not spreading on breast, contrasted with ashy-white on side of head and neck; ear-coverts blackish. Back and scapulars streaked with black and bay, the streaking reaching to the purplish nape; rump and tail plain grayish-brown. Wings marked much as in P. domesticus, with a black and white bar across tips of median coverts, but also a narrow white bar across tips of greater coverts. Primaries more varied with ochrey-brown on outer webs, forming a basal spot and other edging. Below, ashy-gray, shaded on sides, flanks, and crissum with grayish-brown. Bill blue-black; feet brown.” Elliot Coues, 1884


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