European Partridge

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“Coturnix. Bill smaller and much slenderer than that of any of the foregoing genera of Odontophorinae; nasal fossae feathered, except on the tumid nasal scale. Wings of moderate length, little vaulted and not rounded, pointed by the 1st-3d quills, the 1st not shorter than the next. First primary emarginate on inner web; 2d and 3d sinuate on outer web. Tail extremely short and slight, not half as long as the wing, pointed, its feathers very soft, the central pair lanceolate. Feet small; tarsus shorter than middle toe and claw, slightly feathered above in front, with two rows of alternating large scutella in front, two rows of smaller rounded scales meeting in a ridge behind, the sides filled in with small plates. Size smaller than that of any of the foregoing species; pattern of coloration somewhat as in Ortyx; sexes nearly alike.” Elliot Coues, 1884


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