Structure of a Flower

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Flower anatomy. A, sectional view of a flower showing the vertical disposition of whorls. a, sepal of calyx; b, petal of corolla; c, filament of stamen; d, anther of stamen; e, ovary of pistil; f, style of pistil; g, stigma of pistil. B, Plan of the typical flower of an exogenous plant showing the horizontal disposition of its parts. a, sepal; b, petal; c, c, stamens in two different whorls; d, carpel or ovary, inclosing an ovule, attached by its funiculs. C, Various parts of a clove. a, flower of the clove or pink; b, vertical and middle sections of flowers; c, flower showing its male and female portions - six stamen, four large, two small; d, one of the petals; e horizontal section of the ovary showing the insertion of the ovules; f, fruit at the moment of expansion; g, seed, with its funiculus; h, vertical section of seed and its embryonic contents; i, the embryo; k, horizontal section of the embryo and its contents.


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