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A Street Scene in the Spanish Village, on Espanola Way

A Street Scene in the Spanish Village, on Espanola Way

This scene shows Spanish Colonial Revival style buildings in a neighborhood of Miami Beach, Florida. The houses have gray exteriors, and terracotta tile roofs. The majority of the buildings seem to have interior courtyards. At the ground floor, the buildings have large openings, or windows. In the bottom left corner, there are striped awnings over the larger windows, above the ground floor. In the distance, there is either dense vegetation, or open water.
Galleries: Miami Beach, Miami-Dade
Keywords: espanola way, miami beach, old spanish village in miami beach, souvenir postcard folder 34, spanish village
Photo Location: Miami Beach, Florida
Original Dimensions: 2951×1719
Picture Orientation: Landscape
GPS Coordinates: 25°47'26.35"N 80°07'48.17"W
Source: Venetian Way / The Bathing Beach, Miami Beach, Florida (souvenir folder) (Miami, FL: Pictorial Centre) 13
Picture Number: 17358