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Bominaco, Oratory of San Pellegrino, Deposition and Entombment of Jesus

Bominaco, Oratory of San Pellegrino, Deposition and Entombment of Jesus

At the west end of the south wall, the last two scenes in the upper register end the cycle of Jesus’ Passion with the Deposition of Jesus from the cross and his Entombment. In the Deposition, the Y-shaped cross is noteworthy. From left to right, the figures are Mary Magdalen kissing the hand of dead Christ with his would clearly visible; Joseph of Arimathea, labelled with a painted inscription, and positioned with his face next to the wound in Jesus’ side; Mary whose body virtually merges with that of the Crucified Christ; and St. John. Mary Magdalen, the Virgin Mary, and St. John reappear in the Entombment. Again, Mary Magdalen presses the hand of the dead Christ to her cheek. The Virgin Mary holds her son and her face seems to merge with his. St. John stands to the right and the angel at the edge of the scene alludes to the Resurrection and the typical portrayal of an angel at the empty tomb. Behind Mary and Jesus, a lamp hangs suspended between two columns, perhaps a reference to the Holy Sepulchre, as in the scene of the women’s visit to Jesus’ tomb in the capital frieze on the west portal at Chartres. At the edge of the picture, parts of the huge figure of St. Christopher on the west wall are visible: he is portrayed this way because he was thought to be a giant of a man and the sight of his image – so prominently displayed – provided protection for travellers and against accidents and sudden death. D'Emilio photo archive no. s19771312_432u (13.5.24/JD)
Galleries: Angels, Bominaco, Oratory of San Pellegrino, Italy 1260s, Mary Magdalen in scenes of Jesus' Passion, Painted corbels, Painted foliate scrolls in friezes, Religious, St. John in scenes of Jesus' Passion, The Deposition of Jesus from the Cross, The Entombment of Jesus, The Tomb of Jesus (The Holy Sepulchre), Tituli in paintings
Keywords: ladder, lamp, tomb
Photo Location: Bominaco (Abruzzo), Italy
Photographer: Dr. James D’Emilio
Device Make: Nikon
Device Model: Nikon SUPER COOLSCAN 5000 ED
Original Dimensions: 5290×3574
Picture Orientation: Landscape
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Picture Number: 22832