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Cefalù cathedral, mosaics, apse wall, apostles, Sts. Simon, Bartholomew and Thomas

Cefalù cathedral, mosaics, apse wall, apostles, Sts. Simon, Bartholomew and Thomas

Twelve saints stand in two rows in the mosaics in the lower part of the apse in Cefalù below the larger figures of Mary and the archangels and the great Pantocrator in the semidome. Though commonly described as the twelve apostles, the group includes St. Paul and the evangelists, Luke and Mark. This arrangement is referred to as the “theological” apostles with three of the New Testament writers – crucial to the spread of Christianity – replacing three of the lesser apostles named among the twelve followers of Jesus in the Gospels. Shown here are the apostles, Simon, Bartholomew and Thomas, in the lower row on the right side of the apse. The apse mosaics were part of the decoration completed by the time of the dated mosaic inscription of 1148 – here, the end of the inscription refers specifically to the completion of the mosaics (“...hoc opus musei factum est.”/ “...this work of mosaic was accomplished”). D'Emilio photo archive no. s19780707_1913u (13.4.20/JD)
Galleries: Apostles as a group, Italy 1140s, Mosaic, Mosaics, interior, Cefalù cathedral, Mosaics on apse and choir walls, St. Bartholomew, apostle, St. Simon, apostle, St. Thomas, apostle, Tituli in mosaics
Keywords: apostles, inscriptions, scrolls
Photo Location: Cefalù, Italy
Photographer: Dr. James D’Emilio
Device Make: Nikon
Device Model: Nikon SUPER COOLSCAN 5000 ED
Original Dimensions: 5270×3626
Picture Orientation: Landscape
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Picture Number: 22645