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The La Gorce Golf Club

The La Gorce Golf Club

This two story building is the clubhouse for the La Gorce Golf Club. The grounds around the clubhouse are landscaped, with palms, ornamental shrubs, and flowering plants. The clubhouse has a central portion, and two wings. The ground floor of the central portion shows rusticated masonry. The second floor of the central portion, and all of the two wings, appears to be finished with stucco. There is drive with a circular terminus. The edge of the roads, and the driveway, are lined with trimmed hedges.
Galleries: Miami Beach, Miami-Dade, Social Club
Keywords: golf, golf clubhouse, miami beach, souvenir postcard folder 34
Photo Location: Miami Beach, Florida
Original Dimensions: 3000×1802
Picture Orientation: Landscape
GPS Coordinates: 25°47'26.35"N 80°07'48.17"W
Source: Venetian Way / The Bathing Beach, Miami Beach, Florida (souvenir folder) (Miami, FL: Pictorial Centre) 15
Picture Number: 17360