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A collection of historic and contemporary maps of Iran.

Valley of Thebarma, 1854
A map of the valley of the ancient Thebarma, located in West Azerbaijan Province in Iran. This map gives the modern names of villages in the valley. The mountains on the west are a part of the Zagros chain, and are occupied by Kurds. &In the western ...

Plan of the Hall of Xerxes, 485–465 BC
This is a plan of the Hall of Xerxes in Persepolis, near Shiraz, Iran. This is the plan of he palace according to Mr. Weld Blundell. This is an example of Persian architecture. The scale is in feet....

Plan of Persepolis, 513 BC
A plan of Persepolis, near Shiraz, Iran, from the time of Darius I (549–486 BC) until the downfall of the Achaemenid dynasty (330 BC). This is an example of Persian architecture of the time. "The plan shows the general configuration of the...



  Maps > Asia > Iran
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