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A collection of historic and contemporary political and physical maps of Hungary, including early history and empire, boundary changes, and break up after WWI.

Hungary at the End of the Sixteenth Century, 1490–1606
Map of Hungary at the end of the sixteenth century. Map is color–coded to show various claims made on this land including the frontiers of Hungary in 1490 and the relative positions of the Hapsburg and Ottoman powers in Hungary as they stood at...

Plan of the Parliament House, Budapest, 1885–1902
This is a plan of the Parliament House in Budapest, Hungary. It is an example of Modern Architecture. Construction lasted from 1885 to 1902. The Parliament House is located on Pest's Riverbank. The building is a symbol of Hungary's independence. &quo...

Budapest, Hungary, 1914
A map of Budapest, Hungary and vicinity, showing streets, railroads, and water routes. This map shows the two cities, Ofen (Buda) and Pest, separated by the Danube River, and now known as Budapest. The map also shows the neighboring cities of Kobanya...



  Maps > Europe > Hungary
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