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Mathematics 6-8

Addition and Subtraction of Integers: Students will learn to add and subtract integers by creating electronic models.

Can Acid and Bases Remedy the Body?: Students will learn how acids affect bases by performing experiments using probeware. This lab was modified from a published activity by Bev Tatum.

Fraction and Decimal Review Podcast: Students will use Use iPod, iTalk, iTunes, Garageband, and Keynote to create podcasts of student-created review questions.

Hermit Crab Races: Students will use the formula, distance equals rate times time, to find the speed of a hermit crab and a human.

Making a Map of the Classroom: Students will use map making skills to create a map of the classroom.

Marketing Research Projects: Students will learn various marketing concepts through the use of wireless laptops. Mean, Median and Mode: Students will use the Internet to gain a better understanding of mean, median and mode.

Occupational Outlook: Students will achieve a better understanding of careers through the collection and analyzation of spreadsheet data.

Pie Graph Pictures: Students will create a pie graph using a digital camera and data from their classmates.

Rocket Riot: Students will learn the extensive preparation necessary for a rocket launch.

Weather: Students will watch the weather each day of the school year and compare weather from each season using Appleworks Spreadsheet.

You Are What You Eat!: Students will learn about healthy dieting by evaluating information on a website.

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   ETC > NSA Home > Mathematics 6-8