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Arts: Visual Arts 3-5

A Day in the Life: Students will use knowledge and experience to tell about events.

Animated Cartoons: Students will create an animated iMovie out of pictures created in art class.

Autograph Story: Students will write a narrative essay.

Camera for a Day: Students will observe appropriate behavior in their classmates.

Clay Animations: Students will create and film clay animations using knowledge of structures and functions of visual arts.

Designing and Filming Commercials: Students understand and apply media, techniques and processes when creating a commercial.

Geometric Figures: Students will create an expository response in which ideas and details follow an organizational pattern and are relevant to the purpose by explaining why the item from their environment forms the requested geometric figure and creating a book to share their pictures and information.

Gettysburg Movie: Students will know the causes and important events of the Civil War by reading and depicting the Gettysburg Address.

Interactive Journeys: Students will use technology to enhance their field trip.

Poem Movies: Students will develop a sense of imagery by choosing approriate pictures to go with the poem.

Procedure Movies: Students will use details to describe classroom procedures.

Summary Movie: Students will summarize a reading selection by creating an iMovie.

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