Digital Math: Developing Standards for Content

A Collaboration among the School District of Gadsden County, Thinkronize, the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, and the Center for Research in Educational Policy


The purpose of this project is to lay the groundwork for a statewide digital K-12 asset warehouse for all subject areas. Such a warehouse will eventually provide digital assets to all of Florida's teachers and students in all subject areas and all grade levels. Given the pressing need in the areas of math and science in Gadsden County, we are focusing on these two subject areas for this demonstration project. This effort is coordinated with existing and planned DOE initiatives to achieve maximum statewide impact. Specifically, the project addresses the four priorities as follows:

For further information read the RFP and the proposal.

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Public comment

The public is encouraged to comment upon this project. E-mail comments to the FCIT Director.