Digital Teaching and Learning

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Date added: Apr 26, 2011
6, 7 | .99

Specifically designed to give earthquake activity information in a graphic format.

Speed Geography Lite

Date added: Apr 29, 2011
6, 7 | free

Game testing speed and accuracy of identifying continents, countries, (and states/ provinces of US and Canada)

Stack the Countries

Date added: Apr 29, 2011
6, 7 | 1.99

Game that quizzes students on countries and their shapes, capitals, landmarks,flags, languages, border countries, and geographic location.

TapQuiz Maps

Date added: Apr 29, 2011
6, 7 |

Quiz on continents, countries, states, and provinces. Tests for accuracy and speed of identification of listed places.

101 Science

Date added: Mar 9, 2011
6, 7, 8 | 0.00

Science Quiz Questions.

Be Confident in Who…

Date added: Apr 28, 2011
6, 7, 8 | 3.99

This is a graphic novel about bullying in middle school made as an app specifically for the iPad. It discusses issue relevant to m iddle school students, including the following: Self esteem Body image…


Date added: Apr 22, 2011
6, 7, 8 | 0.00

Flashcardlet is a free studying application that has study material for any class or standardized test. Flashcardlet allows you to search for and study flashcards built for both the iPhone…


Date added: Apr 30, 2011
6, 7, 8 | Free

This is a collection of international short stories and poetry. You can browse by issue, articles, fiction, poetry or favorites. The teacher can also use the favorite tab to have students access the piece…

Greek God

Date added: Apr 22, 2011
6, 7, 8 | Free

This application lists 24 ancient Greek gods and goddesses, primarily focuses on the relations between Zeus and other gods and goddesses. Based on ancient Greek mythology, the life adventure, appearance…

Hot Potato: U.S. States…

Date added: Apr 29, 2011
6, 7, 8 | free

Game designed to help students learn about the states. 3 play modes. Students answer questions about population, size, name abbreviations, admission into the union, and cities.


Date added: Apr 29, 2011
6, 7, 8 |

selection tools using coin toss, yes/no option, dice roll, card choice,and other options.

Life Cycles

Date added: May 3, 2011
6, 7, 8 | Free

Provides information about the Phases of the Moon, the process of Pollination and fertilization, and the life cycles of Rock, Water, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Plant, Frog and the Butterfly. Great to use as a…

Literary Analysis Guide

Date added: Mar 21, 2011
6, 7, 8 | 2.99

Literary Analysis Guide is an essential tool for anyone studying literature or rhetoric in high school or college. Whether preparing for your Advanced Placement (AP) English Literature and Composition…

Mad Minute-Math Against…

Date added: Apr 25, 2011
6, 7, 8 | Free

Race against the clock to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills.

Math skills

Date added: Apr 30, 2011
6, 7, 8 | free

This is a gret app for helping students with word problems and how to work them out. you can decide which operations to do and it had levels.