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Shakespeare in Bits: Romeo and Juliet (LITE)

Fully animated study edition of the classic Shakespeare play, Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare in Bits combines the original play with text features making the play enjoyable and easy to understand. Act 1-Prologue and Act 1-Scene 1 of the play is read aloud alongside animation that illustrates every line of the each scene.

There is also a full version of Romeo & Juliet and MacBeth available.

  • Cost: free for LITE. Full version: $14.99
  • Skills Taught: text analysis, characterization, dramatic language
  • Offline functionality: 100%
  • Accessibility Issues: Accessibility Settings: Voice over – Yes, will accurately identify name of button accurately and will read all text. Zoom- Yes Large Text- No White on Black- Yes Other: Classic vocabulary words and phrase are highlighted. When touched, a more familiar word or phrase will be displayed in its place. There is no auditory output for substituted word(s) except with voice over setting on.
  • Student Protection issues: Mild cartoon violence and/or crude humor.
  • Keywords: Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet
  • Requirements: Compatilble with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.
  • Type: virtual education opportunity
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  • Date Added: Mar 19, 2011
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