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“Errantia means wandering, and is applied to numerous species, of which the Lob-worm or Lug-worm, Arenicola piscatorum, is a common example. This animal, much used by fishermen for bait, is nearly a foot long, and is found on sandy parts of the coast, where it bores into the sand left wet by the retiring tide; its head is large and rounded, quite destitute of eyes or tentacula, and furnished with a short, unarmed proboscis. The feet are very small, and confined to the anterior part of the body, while the branchial tufts, which are of considerable size, are placed on each side of the middle segments.” — Goodrich, 1859




S. G. Goodrich Animal Kingdom Illustrated Vol 2 (New York, NY: Derby & Jackson, 1859)


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