Rhizostoma cuvieri

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“The Rhisostoma Cuvieri, a British species, measures two feet, or ever more, in diameter, while some fo the inhabitants of tropical seas are said to attain a still larger size. In calm weather they often swim close to the surface of the sea, in such multitudes as to impede the motion of a boat through the water. Such a fleet as this, seen with the sun shining strongly upon them, is a magnificent specacle, from the beautiful iridescemce with which the sunlight is reflected to the eye of the beholder. With the approach of night this scene of beauty only gives place to another, for these Medusae are exceedingly luminous in the dark.” — Goodrich, 1859




S. G. Goodrich Animal Kingdom Illustrated Vol 2 (New York, NY: Derby & Jackson, 1859)


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