Knots and Splices

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“Knots and splices include all the various methods of tying, fastening, and joining ropes or cords. ‘Splicing’ is the process employed to join two ropes when it is not advisable to use a knot. The three chief varieties of the splice are the short splice, the long splice, and the eye splice. The short splice is made by unlaying the ends of two ropes for a short distance and fitting them closer together; then, by the help of a marlinspike, the ends are laced over and under the strands of the opposite rope, as shown in figure 18. When each strand has been passed through once, half of it is cut away and the remainder passed through again; half of the remainder being also cut away, it is passed a third time, and, when all the strands are so treated, they are hauled taut and cut close. This reducing the thickness of the strands tapers off the splice."—(Charles Leonard-Stuart, 1911)


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