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“The Penguins are aquatic birds confined to the high S. latitudes or both hemispheres, where they congregate in large flocks. The body is generally elliptical; neck of moderate length; bill moderately long, straight, compressed; tail short. They have no quills in their wings, which are as rigid as the flippers of a cetacean, and utterly useless for flight, though they move freely at the shoulder joint, forming most efficient paddles, and are usually worked alternately with a rotatory motion. In standing, the penguin preserves an upright position, generally resting on the tarsus, which is widened like the foot of a quadruped; but in progressing this is kept nearly vertical, and the weight supported on the toes alone."—(Charles Leonard-Stuart, 1911)


Birds: P


Everybody's Cyclopedia (New York, NY: Syndicate Publishing Company, 1912)


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