Pug Dog

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The pug is a breed of small, short-haired lap dogs, probably of Oriental origin, and introduced into Europe by way of Holland in the sixteenth century. The breed is characterized by the shortness of the face and uplifted form of nose. Only a fawn color, with blackish face, was known until about 1875, when a wholly black variety was introduced into the West from China. The pug is essentially a house dog, good-tempered and affectionate. Unless restrained, it becomes extremely fat. Its weight should not exceed fifteen pounds; its form should be compact and elegant, though robust, with straight legs, the face much wrinkled and forehead high, the coat smooth and silky, and the tail always tightly curled over the hip. The face and thin, small ears should be black, and in the fawn-colored breed a blackish line should run along the spine.


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