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“Anatomy of the Oyster. A. Hinge or anterior umbonal end of the left valve of an adult oyster, upon which the soft parts of the animal are represented as they lie in situ, but with the greater part of the mantle of the right side removed. a u. The auricle of the right side of the heart contracted. B. Posterior or ventral end of the left valve, which in life is usually directed upward more or less, and during the act of feeding and respiration is separated slightly from the margin of its fellow of the opposite side to admit the water for respiration, and which also contains the animal’s food in suspension. b m. Body-mass, traversed superficially by the generative ducts g e. b j. The organ of Bojanus, or ‘renal’ organ, of the right side of the oyster. (The ducts which it sends into the manle are not shown, nor is its connection with the genito-urinary sinus s indicated.)” — Winston’s Encyclopedia, 1919


Editor in Chief Charles Morris Winston's Cumulative Loose-Leaf Encyclopedia (Philadelphia, PA: The John C. Winston Company, 1918)


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