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Stamens of the mint family. Of a Monarda: the two anther-cells with bases divergent so that they are transverse to the filament, and their contiguous tips confluent, so as to form one cell opening by a continuous line. Fig 301; Of a Calamintha: the broad connective separating the two cells. Fig 302; Of a Sage (Salvia Texana; with long and slender connective resembling forks of the filament, one bearing a good anther-cell wholly wanting. Fig 304; Of a White Sage, Audibertia grandiflora; the lower fork of connective a mere vestige. Fig. 305; Of another White Sage (A. stachyoides), the lower fork of connective suppressed.


Asa Gray The Elements of Botany for Beginners and for Schools (New York, Cincinnati, Chicago: American Book Co., 1887)


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