Base of the Skull

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The base of the skull. “The lower jaw has been removed. At the lower part of the figure is the hard palate forming the roof of the mouth and surrounded by the upper set of teeth. Above this are the paired opening of the posterior nares, and a short way above the middle of the figure is the large median foramen magnum, with the bony convexities (or occipital condyles) which articular with the atlas, on its sides. It will be seen that the part of the skull behind the occipital condyles is about equal in size to that in front of them; in an ape the portion in front of the occipital condyles would be much larger than that behind them.” —Newell, 1900


Martin, H. Newell The Human Body: A Text-book of Anatomy, Physiology and Hygiene (New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1900) 34


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