Right Atrium and Ventricle of the Heart

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The right auricle (atrium) and ventricle of the heart opened, and a part of their right and anterior walls removed, so as to show their interior; 1/2, 1, superior vena cava; 2, inferior vena cava; 2’, hepatic veins cut short; 3, right auricle; 3’, placed in the fossa ovalis, below which is the Eustachian valve; 3", is placed close to the aperture of the coronary vein; +, +, placed n the auriculo-ventricular groove, where a narrow portion of the adjacent walls of the auricle and ventricle has been preserved; 4, 4, cavity of the right ventricle; the upper figure is immediately below the semilunar valves; 4’, large columna carnea or musculus papillaris; 5, 5’, 5", tricuspid valve; 6, placed in the interior o the pulmonary artery, a part of the anterior wall of that vessel having been removed, and a narrow portion of it preserved at its commencement where the semilunar valves are attached; 7, concavity of the aortic arch close to the cord of the ductus arteriosus; 8, ascending part of sinus of the arch covered at its commencement by the auricular appendix and pulmonary artery; 9, placed between the innominate and left carotid arteries; 10, appendix of the left auricle; 11, 11, the outside of the left ventricle, the lower figure near the apex.


Miller, F. E.; Hunt, H. L.; McCormick, F.J.; Burr, B.; & King, M.L. Domestic Medical Practice: A Household Adviser in the Treatment of Diseases, Arranged for Family Use (Chicago: Domestic Medical Society, 1919) 47


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