Views of the Stomach

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Views of the stomach. Labels: A. stomach (human). B. Same, anterior wall removed. C. Portion of stomach, pylorus and duodenum. D. Section through coats of stomach. E. Fundus of a cardiac gland. F. Epithelium from surface of stomach. G. Arterie sand veins of mucous membrane. w. Esophagus. 2. Duodenum. 3. Pylorus. $. Cardia. 5. Lesser curvature. 6. Greater curvature. 7. Anterior surface. 8. Pyloric valve. 9. Mucous membrane, with rugae. 10. Inner surface of gastric mucous membrane. 11. Mucous membrane of duodenum with villi. 12. Pyloric gastric glands. 13. Circular or deep muscular fibers. 17. Mucous membrane. 18. Muscularis mucosae. 19. Submucous coat. 20. Circular muscular layer. 21. Longitudinal muscular layer. 22. Serous coat. 23. Orifice of gland. 24. Fundus of gland.


Finley, J. H., Peterson, W., Parrott, E. (Eds.) Nelson's Perpetual Loose-Leaf Encyclopedia (New York: Thomas Nelson & Sons Publishing Co., Inc., 1917) XL:470


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