Teeth of Man and Several Animal Species

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1. Dentition (teeth) of man. 2. Dentition of hyena. 3. Dentition of pig. 4. Dentition of Patagonian cavy (type of rodent). 5. Section of skull of Indian elephant, showing dentition of right side. 6. Crown of upper molar of horse, showing enamal folds. 7. Grinding surface of molar of African elephant, with enamal folds. 8. Single tooth of blue shark. 9. Longitudinal section of human tooth. 1. Incisors (human); C, canines; P, premolars; M, molars. a, enamel; b, dentine; c, cement (crusta petrosa); d, pulp cavity.


Finley, J. H., Peterson, W., Parrott, E. (Eds.) Nelson's Perpetual Loose-Leaf Encyclopedia (New York: Thomas Nelson & Sons Publishing Co., Inc., 1917) XL:644


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