Frog Viscera

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“General view of the viscera of a male frog, from the right side. a, stomach; b, urinary bladder; c, small intestine; cl, cloacal aperture; d, large intestine; e, liver; f, bile duct; g, gall bladder; h, spleen; i, lung; k, larynx; l, fat body; m, testis; n, ureter; o, kidney; p, pancreas; s, cerebral hemisphere; sp, spinal cord; t, tongue; u, auricle; ur, urostyle; v, ventricle; v.s, vesicula seminalis; w, optic lobe; x, cerebellum; y, Eustachian recess; z, nasal sac.” -Parker, 1900


Parker, T. Jeffrey A Manual of Zoology (New York, NY: The MacMillan Company, 1900)


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