Posterior View of the Cutaneous Nerves of Trunk

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The distribution of cutaneous nerves n the back of the trunk. On the left side the distribution of the several nerves is represented, the letters indicating their nomenclature. ACR.; Posterior supraclavicular branches from cervical plexus; CIRC: Cutaneous branches of axillary nerve; E.C.: Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, L.1: Lateral cutaneous branch of iliohypogastric nerve; S.1; Lateral branches of sacral nerves; T: T.1-12: Cutaneous branches of the posterior rami of the thoracic nerves. On the right side is a schematic representation of the areas supplied by the above nerves, the numeral and letter s indicate the spinal origins of the nerves distributed to each area.


trunk, torso, back, nerve


The Division of General Surgery Manual of Surgical Anatomy (Washington, DC: Medical Departments U.S. Army and Navy, 1918)


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