Frederick III, German Emperor

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Frederick III (October 18, 1831 - June 15, 1888), was German Emperor and King of Prussia, ruling for 99 days until his death on June 15, 1888. Frederick III was a war hero during the Second Schleswig War, the Austro-Prussian War, and the Franco-Prussian War before his reign as German Emperor, yet his father’s unusually long reign and longevity never let Frederick III capitalize on his military successes, popularity, and youth as emperor. He was more liberal than previous German leaders and represented a possibility for the earlier liberalization of German society and government. However, Frederick III developed larynx cancer shortly before he assumed the throne which severely limited his time and effectiveness as German Emperor. After his largely ineffectual reign and lost impact on German society, his successor, Wilhelm II, abandoned any path toward liberalization that Frederick III previously leaned towards.


James Hunter Young People's History of the World (Chicago, IL: The International Publishing Company, 1897)


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