Section of Retina

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Perpendicular section of mammalian retina. Labels: A, layer of rods and cones; B, outer nuclear layer; C, outer molecular layer; D, inner nuclear layer; E, inner molecular layer; F, ganglionic layer; G, stratum opticum; r, rods; c, cones, r.g, rod granules; c.g, cone granules; r.b, rod bipolars; c.b, cone bipolars; c.r, vontact of rod bipolars with the internal arborisation of cone bipolars; ar’, internal arborisation of rod bipolars; c.n, centrifugal nerve fiber; h, horizontal cells; s.s, stratified spongioblasts; d.s, diffuse spongioblasts; s.g, stratified ganglion cell; M, sustentacular fiber of Muller.


cone, rod, eye, eyeball, retina


Cunningham, D.J. Textbook of Anatomy (New York, NY: William Wood and Co., 1903)


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