Horse Leg Muscles

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Anterior tibial group of muscles of the right limb, seen from before and the outside. Labels: a, flexor metatarsi; a’, tendonto the cuboid; and a", temdom to the metatarsus, from its funicular portion; a"’, tendon of its fleshy portion, sending a straight slip to the metatarsus, and an oblique one to the cuneiform bone; b, extensor pedis; b’, its tendon; c, peroneus; c’, point where its tendon joins that of the extensor pedis; d, extensor pedis brevis; e, superior, and f, inferior thick portions of the annular ligament.


Vaughn, I. Strangeway's Veterinary Anatomy (Toronto, CAN: J. A. Carveth & Co., Ltd., 1904)


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