Liver and Diaphragm of a Horse

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Posterior view of the liver and diaphragm in situ. Labels: a, left lobe; b, right lobe; c, quadrate lobe; d, spigelian lobe; d’, spigelian ligament; just above in the right kidney; e, left lateral ligament; f, right lateral ligament; g, broad ligament; h, hepatic duct; i, piece of the duodenum opened to show, k, opening of the ductus pancreaticus minor, and l, Eminence of Vater; m, vena porta; n, posterior vena cava; o, notch for esophagus.


Vaughn, I. Strangeway's Veterinary Anatomy (Toronto, CAN: J. A. Carveth & Co., Ltd., 1904)


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