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Kiwi, Apteryx australis, of the South Island, is lighter (than the Apteryx mantelli of North Island), and feels soft instead of harsh when grasped.” “These birds are at once distinguished from all their allies by their small size, and by the long, weak, decurved bill, which tapers regularly and has the nostrils placed almost at the extremity. The head and eyes are comparatively small... The legs are very stout and situated backwardly, a small elevated hallux is present, and the toes are provided with long, sharp claws. The wings are small-boned and invisible, with functionless quills, the tail is rudimentary, the aftershaft and the furcula are absent, while many elongated hairs occur on the front of the head.” - A. H. Evans, 1900


Birds: J-L


Evans, A. H. Birds (New York, NY: The Macmillan Company, 1900)


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