Magnolia Warbler

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“Black -and-Yellow Warbler. Magnolia Warbler. Back black, usually quite pure and uninterrupted in the spring, more or less mixed with olive in the winter; rump yellow; upper tail-coverts black , often skirted with olive and ashy. Whole crown of head clear ash; sides of head black, including a very narrow frontlet; the eyelids and a stripe behind the eye, between the ash and black, white. Entire under parts rich yellow, excepting the white crissum, heavily streaked with black across the breast and along the sides, the streaks on the breast so thick as to form a nearly continuous black border to the immaculate yellow throat. Wings fuscous, with lining, white edging of the inner webs of all the quills, of the outer webs of the inner secondaries, and with a large white patch formed by the tips of the median coverts and tips of the median coverts and tips and outer edges of the coverts. Tail blackish, with square white spots on the middle of the inner webs of al the feathers excepting the middle pair. Bill blackish; feet dark.”


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