Yellow-winged Sparrow

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“Coturniculus passerinus. Yellow-winged Sparrow. Quail Sparrow. Grasshopper Sparrow. Edge of wing conspicuously yellow; lesser wing-coverts greenish-yellow; a yellow loral spot; short line over eye buffy-yellow. Crown with median stripe of pale brownish-yellow. Below, ochraceous or pale buff or tawny, fading to whitish on belly, not evidently streaked, though a few dark touches may appear on sides of breast. Above, singularly variegated with black, gray, yellowish-brown and a peculiar purplish-bay, in short streaks and specks; the crown being nearly black with sharp median brownish-yellow stripe, the middle of the back chiefly black with bay and brownish-yellow edgings of the feathers, the cervical region and rump chiefly bay and gray. When the feathers are not disturbed, the peculiar pattern of the cervical region separates that of the crown and back; the markings extend on the sides of the neck, but the sides of the head are plain, like the under parts. Wing-coverts and inner secondaries variegated in intricate pattern, the general effect like the back. Primaries and tail-feathers plain dusky, with narrow light edgings; outer tail-feathers paler, but not white. Feet flesh-colored.” Elliot Coues, 1884


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