Male and Female Bob-whites

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“Ortyx virginiana. Virginia Partridge or “Quail". Bobwhite. Male: Forehead, superciliary line, and throat, white, bordered with black; crown, neck all round,and upper part of breast, brownish-red; other parts tawny-whitish, all with more or fewer doubly-crescentic black bars; crissum rufous; sides broadly striped with brownish-red; upper parts variegated with chestnut, black, gray and tawny, the latter edging in the inner quills, forming a continuous line when the wing in closed. Female: Known by having the throat buff instead of white, less black about the fore-parts, and general coloration subdued. The reddish of this bird is of a peculiar dull pinkish shade. The black crescents of the under parts are scarcely or not half the width of the intervening white spaces; the bill is not jet black.” Elliot Coues, 1884


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