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“Fratercula arctica. Common Puffin. Sea Parrot. Crown of head grayish-black, sharply defined against color of sides of head, separated by a slight ashy cervical collar from the dark color of the upper parts. Sides of head, with chin and throat, ashy-white nearly white between eyes and bill, with a dark ashy patch on side of throat. Upper parts glossy blue-black, continuous with a broad collar around the neck in front, not extending to the bill. A narrow line of white along border of fore-arm. Under parts from the neck pure white, the long feathers of the sides and flanks blackish. Under surface of wings pearly-gray; inner webs of primaries and secondaries grayish-brown, the shafts brown, with black ends and whitish bases. Iris brown. Eyelids vermilion-red, the excrescences grayish-blue. Basal collar of bill and first ridge dull yellowish; nasal saddle and corresponding shoe of lower mandible grayish-blue; rest of bill vermilion-red, the tip of the lower mandible and two terminal grooves often yellowish; rosette of mouth orange-yellow; feet coral or vermilion-red; claws black.” Elliot Coues, 1884


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