Stamp Mill for Gold Ores (Sectional View)

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A stamp mill facilitates the crushing of ore (in this case, gold ore) into very small grains, with many mechanical parts, including: the ore car, to carry ore from the mine to the Mill (a); the trestle, the tunnel from the mine to the mill that the ore car travels through (b); the grizzly (c); the crushing floor (d); the bin for crushed ore (e); the stamp, a vertical iron rod having a cast-iron or steel shoe, which, falling on the mortar block, crushes the ore (f); the mortar (g); and the apron plate (h).


John H. Finley ed. Nelson's Perpetual Loose-Leaf Encyclopaedia (vol. 5) (New York, NY: Thomas Nelson and Sons, 1917) 479


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