The Lentil Plant

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This illustration shows a lentil plant. Lentils are the round, flat seeds of a small leguminous plant (Vicia (Lens) hirsuta), of which numerous varieties are cultivated in the countries bordering the Mediterranean and elsewhere. The seeds are highly nitrogenous, and of great food value. They form the principal constituent of the well-known Revalenta arabica of commerce. They consist of -- starch, 50 percent; casein, 24 percent; fat, 2 percent; and water, 14 percent. The dark green German lentils are much more palatable than the reddish-yellow Egyptian variety.


John H. Finley ed. Nelson's Perpetual Loose-Leaf Encyclopaedia (vol. 7) (New York, NY: Thomas Nelson and Sons, 1917) 277


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