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Yosemite National Park: Since the glaciers retreated around 15,000 years ago, rock fall has been the major force of change in Yosemite Valley. Geologists work to understand this force of nature in order to protect the millions of visitors who come here each year.

Yosemite Nature Notes, California, Geology, Soil, Stones, & Rocks
california, erosion, free fall, geology, glacier point, glaciers, gravity, national park, rock fall, safety, yosemite, yosemite valley
Date of Video
July 7, 2006
Video Location
Yosemite National Park, Yosemite, CA
37°44'42.73"N × 119°35'53.6"W
Courtesy of the National Park Service. For a large collection of audio and video podcast episodes on many classroom topics, visit the National Park Service on iTunes U.
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