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Yosemite National Park: Local American Indians, park fire managers, and blackberry weeders team up to save a meadow in danger of losing its unique native plants.

Yosemite Presents, California, Natural Resource Conservation, Environment Restoration
american indians, blackberries, california, ceremony, conservation, controlled burn, fire, himalayan blackberry, indians, invasive plants, invasive species, meadows, national park, native american ceremony, native americans, native plants, nonnative plants, prescribed fire, preservation, yosemite
Date of Video
September 24, 2004
Video Location
Yosemite National Park, Yosemite, CA
37°44'42.73"N × 119°35'53.6"W
Courtesy of the National Park Service. For a large collection of audio and video podcast episodes on many classroom topics, visit the National Park Service on iTunes U.
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