Resource Page for Florida Mathematics Standards

  1. Presentation used for Town Meetings with Florida School Districts [PPT] or [PDF]
  2. Math Standards Framers and Writers
  3. Presentations from Math Standards Conference, September 18-19, 2006
    1. Achieve's American Diploma Project [PPT 1.2 MB]
             Kaye Forgione, Mathematics Benchmarking Initiative
    2. The California Mathematics Standards [PPT 4.6 MB]
             R. James Milgram, Stanford University
    3. Analysis of the Intended Mathematics Curriculum as Represented in State-Level Standards: Consensus or Confusion? [PPT 1.1 MB]
             Barbara J. Reys, Center for the Study of Mathematics Curriculum
    4. Curriculum Focal Points PK-8: A Quest for Coherence [PPT 5.3 MB]
             Jane Schielack, Texas A & M University
    5. The Quality of U.S. and Florida Math Instruction Compared with Singapore [PPT 7.2MB]
             Alan Ginsburg, United States Department of Education
  4. The current Sunshine State Standards for mathematics
  5. Some criticisms for the existing standards
    1. From the Fordham Foundation
    2. College Board comments
  6. Florida test data
    1. From the NAEP
    2. From the FCAT
  7. Other state mathematics standards
    1. For all states
    2. California
      1. Algebra I Standards
      2. Algebra II Standards
    3. Massachusetts
    4. Indiana
  8. International test data
    1. PISA
    2. TIMSS
  9. International mathematics curriculum standards
    1. From Singapore
    2. AIR, What the United States Can Learn from Singapore's World-Class Mathematics System
    3. From the UK
  10. Curriculum Focal Points
    1. Full Document [18.9 MB]
    2. Introductory Materials [122 KB]
    3. Focal Points by Grade [522 KB]
    4. Appendix & References [1 MB]
  11. General articles
    1. Postsecondary Success Begins with High School Preparation
    2. Forces for Change in Mathematics Education: The Case of TIMSS
    3. NCTM, Principles & Standards for School Mathematics
    4. Post Secondary Success Begins with High School Preparation
    5. Project Kaleidoscope, Transforming America's Scientific and Technological Infrastructure: Recommendations for Urgent Action, 2006
    6. Business Roundtable, Tapping America's Potential, 2005
    7. National Academies of Science, Rising Above the Gathering Storm, 2005
    8. Council on Competitiveness, National Innovation Initiative Report, 2004
    9. National Science Board, Science and Engineering Indicators, 2006

What is important in School Mathematics?

Improving Alignment, Advancing Students

Mathematics and High School Graduates

Implementation of the Report on Access and Diversity: Development of Annual Report on Readiness for College and Work

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