William Blake

William Blake

William Blake was an English mystic, poet, painter, and printmaker. He was mostly unknown during his lifetime, but his work is now considered seminal in poetry and visual arts. Early in life he learned the craft of engraving, and used this knowledge and the experience he gained as a commercial engraver to created his own illuminated books. His most well-known works include Songs of Innocence (1789), a collection of poetry from a child's point of view, and Songs of Experience (1794), poems that "answer" those from Innocence, suggesting the original speaker has learned much from life. Another famous collection of Blake's is The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. Blake is renowned for his ways of expression as well as for his philosophical views.

  • Nationality: English
  • Birth Date: 28 Nov 1757
  • Death Date: 12 Aug 1827
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Available Works

Individual Passages

“Laughing Song”
A cheerful poem about springtime.
Piping Down the Valleys Wild
A poem about the speaker as a piper who writes his songs down so that every child may enjoy them.