An adventure involves risk and physical danger. It may include a quest or a voyage and may be set in different time periods or strange lands.
The epic story is centered around heroic figures and usually involves struggles of great scope and size over long periods of time.
An essay is a non-fiction work making arguments or setting out opinions on any topic.
Fables are stories that illustrate a moral lesson and frequently involve talking animals and objects.
Fairy Tale/Folk Tale
These stories of good versus evil may involve fantasy settings. Folk tales are traditional stories began in the oral tradition and were handed down through the years. Fairy Tales may involve elves, trolls, giants, royalty, and fairies.
Stories of fantasy include an element that is not based in reality. Imaginary elements might center around the setting, events, or characters.
Gothic literature combines elements of horror and romance, generally with tones and themes of darkness.
Historical Fiction
These stories are fictionalized accounts that involve historically accurate settings, characters, and/or situations.
The genre of history is defined as a presentation of information about the past that is considered to be based in fact.
Horror is fiction that involves a sinister atmosphere and supernatural characters and settings. It includes stories of witches, vampires, and monsters.
Informational text provides general facts and descriptions of real world people, places, and things.
A memoir is a work written about the life of a real person by that person.
Fiction that involves an investigation or solves a crime.
Nursery Rhyme
Nursery rhymes are traditional poems for children that may include lullabies, finger plays, and counting rhymes.
The search for meaning of existence, knowledge, and values.
Poetry is a form of literary art that uses aesthetic qualities to create a deeper meaning.
Realism is a work of fiction that portrays life as it may have been during the time it was written.
Romance stories involve tales of love and possibly loss of love.
Satire is generally written with humor in mind, but carries undertones of political or social critique.
Science Fiction
Science fiction explores the consequences of scientific innovation. Science fiction is likely to be set in the future and involve high technology.
A speech is a transcript of a work spoken in public.
A tragedy usually involves a hero of high standing with a character flaw that leads to his or her downfall.