Arthur Scott Bailey

Arthur Scott Bailey

Arthur Scott Bailey was the author of more than forty children’s books and the syndicated comic strip "Animal Whys." He was known for setting stories in the natural world and easily engaging young readers’ interest. His works often use vocabulary beyond that which is typically found in junvenille literature. Bailey was an intellectual and a member of the Salamagundi Club of New York.

  • Birth Date: 1877
  • Death Date: 1949
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Available Works

The Tale of Brownie Beaver (1916)
In The Tale of Brownie Beaver, Brownie Beaver does everything he can (along with his forest friends) to protect his underwater home from humans, particularly Farmer Green.
The Tale of Tommy Fox (1917)
The Tale of Tommy Fox is a story about the adventures of the mischievous Tommy Fox and his escapades with the Farmer, his dog, and his boy.