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Personalize a Lit2Go ePub Dedication Page

Thank you for your interest in pledging a gift to the USF College of Education Lit2Go Project. The finished ePub including your personalized dedication page will be available for public download from the Lit2Go website and from USF on iTunes U. After you submit this request, you will proceed to the USF Foundation Lit2Go page to finalize your gift. The ePub will not be created until after your gift is finalized.

In order to create your personalized dedication page, please provide the following information:

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For more information about supporting the Lit2Go Programs and our epubs please contact: Gigi Laird at .

The donor’s dedication page shall appear with the EPub audio book for a period of time coextensive with the time USF shall offer the Lit2Go program. The content of the dedication page shall be subject to approval of USF.